Hurray for Bite Size!

This must sound incredibly silly, but have always had an affinity for miniature versions of food and snacksAround here, we collectively refer to these mini foods as "Bite Size." I love Bite Size! (Yes, I know that isn't grammatically correct, but it is what it is.) So you can imagine how much I love the big trend on mini foods at weddings! Heck, take it outside the wedding reception scenario and have a mini food party at your house...maybe a housewarming party for the newlyweds? Perhaps a Mini Food Potluck? I know I'd enjoy it :)

{Top L to R: Boston.com, Fabulous Finger Food, Wedding Things}
{Middle L to R: Fabulous Finger Food, Bite Catering, Flickr}
{Bottom L to R: Vegan YumYum, Inspired Occasions}


HennHouse said...

What a fabulously fun idea!!

Anonymous said...

I think in orer to GET mini size some of us ought to consider ating m ini size. How cute. Barbie food heh heh. Cute idea.

Eve said...

LOL I agree with you, Anon (next time, leave your name! I don't bite!)

Those delightful miniatures would help me get a bit more of an acceptable shape for a bathing suit!! Especially the mini trifles in shot glasses...that's so smart. Just enough to kill the sweet tooth, but not enough to embarrass myself :)

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