Dreamy Dream House

{All Images Courtesy Country Living}

I couldn't resist posting these images from this Country Living feature. Not only do I completely admire the Brahler family for doing their historical home complete and utter justice (and wow, do I mean WOW - this house is stunning), I love how they were able to capture the feeling of stately European country manor casual. The kicker? They live in the city of Jacksonville, Illinois' historical disstrict (go Midwest)!

There is something so intrisically charming about the whitewash, the rich green yard, the perfectly-chosen faded palette and the eclectic reuse of vintage pieces that make this house a home. You can almost smell fresh cotton and hear the giggles of children playing hide-and-seek. This is the kind of home you can be creative in...play Bach, paint something grand or perhaps you could finally finish that novel you've been meaning to start.

I am not even going to start thinking about the kind of wedding you could have in a house like this...ah, the possibilities!


williac said...

Very nice.

BTW: You can start being jealous of my new couch, any time you like ;)

Eve said...

Oh. My. Word. That is GORG!!! Let the jealously commence! I'm so coming over to see it. And that's a promise! What a find!

Anonymous said...

This is truly a dream house. I think I would have to make it into a Bed and Breakfast, complete with tea at 4 daily open to the public.

Oh my what lovely photos, gave me gooseflesh!

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