The Magic of a Good Hat

Oh how I love the English sometimes. Well, most of the time actually, given that my entire soon-to-be family-in-law is English! But there is one thing in particular that I love about the English. Something they do and do well...and that's the hat. Fascinators, hats for Ascot, hats for weddings...I'll take the whole lot. Most of the ladies in my family, as spurred on by my tremendously feminine mom, wear hats to her lovely tea luncheons and garden parties simply because it's one of the only occasions we can do so comfortably. Why is it that we Americans don't generally wear dress hats more often? Hats have that je ne sais quoi, don't you think? A lady in a fabulous hat always encourages a second glance. Not to mention...they are so fantastically classic.
Wedding circa 1921
{Courtesy Fashion Era}

The Queen - Quintessentially Classy
{Courtesy: BBC}

{Courtesy: Nigel Rayment}

{Courtesy: Ilda DiVico}

Little girl's fascinator...too cute to leave out!
{Courtesy: Nigel Rayment}


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, mi'lady, by all means, please let's bring back wearing the classic hat to every dressy occassion!

With Easter Sunday right around the corner, how nice it would be to see hats of all colors and such!

Thank you for this post. Love it.

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