Calling All Cards

My ever-so-cool mom was the first person I know to resurrect the Victorian tradition of the calling card many years ago. Hers was so girly and cute and so tremendously her, with purple and white flowers and teeny tiny swiss dots and stripes. I found one of her calling cards the other day while I was sorting through some papers and it got me thinking what a great bridal party gift it would make. It creates an opportunity to be creative and inject some personalization into it, but most importantly, it serves a purpose -- trust me, we do ourselves no justice when we run into someone we haven't seen in ages and we exchange numbers by calling one anothers' cell phones. That only cuts it in the most casual of circumstances and business networking isn't one of them. If you aren't a student, it's time to consider the calling card as your passage into adulthood or maybe a simple way to make a great first impression. Maybe you're a mom with a busy schedule (and what mom doesn't?) Set up your calling card to have your name as well as your kid's names and setting up play dates or teacher's meetings just became that much easier.

Here are a few of my faves on Etsy right now. Some are personalized, some are write in. Either way, it's win-win (and best of all, you won't break the bank.)


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