The Candle Lab: Party Spot?

My mom happened upon The Candle Lab in Worthington last year and got for D.'s birthday one of the best-smelling and cleanest-burning candles I've ever seen. We tend to be candle snobs, so you can imagine our excitement! She had a glowing review of the entire operation -- from service to product, selection, price, everything. Their M.O. is all about "gourmet" soy candles, offering over 120 unique smells.

So when the big fire hit Grandview and their Grandview location was destroyed, along with so many other stores, I was really sad for them. It's a young company and I was worried that it would take a long time to bounce back from the fire. Boy, was I wrong! The Candle Lab jumped onto a primo spot adjacent to Grandview Theater, just a few steps away from Stauf's. Woot!

What's more? They offer "pour your own candle" parties at all 3 locations (Worthington, Gahanna and Grandview), giving everyone an opportunity to mix and match any of the 120 scents to create a custom-blended candle AND you can bring your own food & drinks. Shut up! How much fun would that be for a bachelorette party, as opposed to a "suck for a buck" obnoxious drunkfest? I'm digging The Candle Lab idea tres mucho.

Paying the store a visit is on my agenda for the week. Goodness knows the last thing I need is another candle, but who knows? Maybe I'll come across something I can't live without ;)


Anonymous said...

OOOOhhhhh sounds like something to check out for sure!

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