Bridal Shoes

Bridal shoe talk is a popular discussion online. Seems a lot of people have some trouble finding the "perfect pair" of wedding shoes. Want to hear something funny about mine? I bought them before I bought a dress. Why, you ask? These stunners were on mega clearance and were not to be passed up! I'm talking Deal of the Century kinda good. It simply had to be done!

But what if you didn't have one of those perfect, planets-aligned, shoe-buying moments? What if you can't find a pair at all, that you like, that don't make your feet scream at you? What's a bride-elect to do? My answer? Look online! Yes, it's a pretty silly answer, but sometimes people miss the obvious outlets and feel like they have to buy all bridal accoutrement from overpriced bridal salons. So not the case, especially with shoes! Options are abundant if you open your search to other sources.

Start at Zappos. I big huge heart Zappos. Honestly, I can't say enough good stuff about this company (and I have insanely high service standards.) They ship super-lightening fast, offer free shipping AND free return shipping, have a ginormous selection of just about every style of shoe you can think of, offer great search criteria for finding the perfect pair and prices are very competitive in relation to traditional retail stores and other online stores. Did you know they have a whole bridal shoe category? If you want to read reviews from other people who purchased a particular style, they have them and they're honest. It's a great place if you don't know where to start, have a hard time fitting shoes or want to get more than one pair to try and return the rest.

Take a bow - options for all budgets:
{Zappos. L to R: Touch Ups Ramona, Stuart Weitzman Porfavor, Kate Spade Hera}

Another guilty pleasure shoe place for me? DSW (aka Designer Shoe Warehouse.) I worked there a million years ago and my shoe wardrobe topped out at around 80 pairs. I've pared back quite a bit since then...hovering right around about half that many (if I include flip flops, boots and all of my black heels.) Yes, it's frivolity at it's finest, but I am coping well with my compulsive shoe buying and won't buy unless it is to replace another in utter disrepair. Incidentally, it's where I bought my own wedding shoe lovelies right off the clearance rack.

Why wear a white rubber flip flop for your destination wedding when you could wear these dolls?

Beachy bridal options, courtesy DSW:
{DSW. L to R: JS by Jennifer Gliss Leather Toe Thong, Caparros Xotic, M by Marinelli Crash}

If you're not opposed to dropping serious cash for your wedding shoes ($298+), you have to check out Cole Haan's Air bridal line. Oh yes, the same technology used in Nike Air trainers is now being applied to fantastic heels. It's about time someone made a truly comfortable heel!

(PS...they make to-die-for work-ready heels, too.)

My faves? A heel height for everyone:
{Cole Haan: L to R: Ceci Air Rose Ballet, Ceci Air Low Sling, Ceci Air Rose Sling}


Lmarie said...

LOVE the Cole Haans. If I weren't on such a tight budget ...
FYI, though. Retailmenot.com has a code purporting to save you 30 percent on your online order! Check it!

Eve said...

Oh good lookin' out! I appreciate it!

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