OK, Really...Plus, A Really Cool Gift

The contest prize doesn't have cooties, folks.

Where is the comment love? The giveaway only lasts until 11:59 tonight, so it's looking like the odds are definitely in someone's favor!

Check this out...How adorable would this fantastic Not A Paper Cup look with that awesome wool felt cozy wrapped around it?

I love a Not A Paper Cup. It's a ceramic cup with a silicone lid, same shape as a to-go coffee cup, but way less evil. Sip your java, hug a tree and reduce post-consumer waste all at the same time. A trifecta! This makes a really solid gift for someone who has everything, too -- OR how about a unique gift for your bridal party? Something that they'll use over and over, much unlike the dangle earrings or bath products you considered (and the gents would love it, too.) Plus it has super high cool factor.

It's on SALE at Amazon, too! Get it here!

{Courtesy: Amazon.com}


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