Foodie Review: Z Pizza

D. and I had Z Pizza in the Short North (next to North Star Cafe around High and 2nd. (Just in case any of you darling readers aren't from Columbus, the Short North is the heart of urban art galleries, funky boutiques and glorious food options -- a MUST-visit neighborhood for anyone visiting C-bus.)

We thought we'd give (relatively new) pizza parlor Z Pizza a try because they offer a per slice option. I love my pizza and have particular favorites, but it just so happens that my favorite isn't open on Sundays, so in walks Z Pizza. It's a snazzy little franchise originating in California, featuring organic ingredients and a great crust.

We both tried the same slices -- the ZBQ and pepperoni. With a coupon we had, we ordered the Napoli as well.

The ZBQ was delish -- their version of a BBQ chicken pizza with sweet yellow corn and heaps more stuff all piled on. The roasted red pepper was especially tasty. The BBQ sauce they used was sweet too...a bit like Sweet Baby Ray's. Good stuff.

The Pepperoni was pretty good, bot not great. Sort of Meh. Of course, I ate it all, though, so I guess that's all that matters!

The Napoli is their margherita pizza and is really good. Basil, nice slices of tomato, a hint of garlic and fresh mozzarella -- I'm a fan. I'm pretty sure it was D's favorite, though we think it has something to do with it being fresh out of the oven and piping hot. The other slices were sort of...warm. I think I'd especially like the pepperoni pizza if it were right out of the oven.

Rating: A- I'll try it again. They have a great looking menu and some of the pizzas look intruiging.


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