Bombshell Beauty *COMING SOON!*

{Courtesy Alberto Vargas via Allposters.com}

Who doesn't love a little beauty advice now and again? Sure, we all don't always put on our best face forward, so to speak, but we all know a thing or two about a thing or two, right? Right!

To celebrate all things helping us all becoming beautimus maximus, I'm going to be posting a feature every month or so called Bombshell Beauty. This will be a culmination of all things beauty (both vintage and modern)...hair, make-up, nails -- going to dabble a little upon it all. Have an old-fashioned remedy for sore feet or a recipe for an organic face masque? Let me know and I'll post it! After all, it's all about celebrating our inner bombshell!

Who knows? Maybe I can talk my fantastic sister into sharing tips and tricks on hair care! (Did I mention she's the most talented hair stylist and colorist I've ever known?)

Keep an eye out, ladies (and gents, too, of course)...Bombshell Beauty will drop March 1st!


MSM said...

Best beauty secret I have is having - don't get grossed out, it really works- your very own special "make up case" tube of hemorrhoid cream for swollen and puffy under eyes. this is especially nice if you had extremely salty foods before bed, or perhaps watched West side Story and cried your eyes out only to find them swollen and red the following morning!

Dab a bit of that H cream - keep away from the eyes themselves, or will sting- and it will immediately help!

Another secret: keep a zip lock bag with two spoons in the freezer. Grab those and put them on your eyes too! Take five minutes to rest your tired eyes before starting your day doing this.

Doing those two things will help your puffy eyes be no more! Beauty! Beauty!

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