Work It Out

{ Courtesy House To Home}

Lately, I've been doing a lot of work from home (not to mention the countless hours spent wedding planning.) It's been on the agenda for some time now to tidy up my office, get organized an
d give it a proper look. The problem I'm having is deciding on what kind of office I'd like to see. Practicality and storage options are a must, but aesthetic beauty is equally important. I'd like a space where I don't feel stressed, but feel happy, relaxed and creative. I'd like it to be personal to me.

Now, I'm not one for drippy, ultra-romantic shabby chic spaces. Actually, I really don't find myself immediately drawn to any space that can fit so easily into a predetermined design category. All of the "finished" rooms in my home are a happy design cocktail of 'eclectic' and 'classic.' I like the balance of new and old, refurnished, repurposed and new, inviting color and practical space planning.

For inspiration, I revisited textiles designer (and fellow Ohioan) Amy Butler's studio space via the web. To me, it embodies Amy's signature "Midwest Modern" style - a perfect pairing of updated color combinations, vintage-inspired pattern and print and has that certain je ne c'est quoi...it's something warm, familiar and endearing.

{Courtesy Amy Butler Designs}

Another lovely space is that of Drew Barrymore's Flower Films. I love the balance of the masculine dark wood desk and leather chair with bright yellow flowers and pale draperies.

{Courtesy Domino Mag}

Pottery Barn has great set designers and photographers. I can so easily see myself working out of these next few areas. Clean, bright, inviting with a dash of lived-in charm is the M.O. here.

{Courtesy Pottery Barn}

Obstacles: newish beige carpet, one small window, lack of storage, lack of general lighting, needs color.

This will definitely be a WIP over the next year. Our budget is going to the wedding (woot!) but creative inspiration is free, so that's where I'm starting!

Does anyone else work from home? How did you work it out in your home office? I'd love to see & share pics, inspirations and ideas, especially if you've successfully overcome similar obstacles or have a very unique, personal space that you'd like to share. Now...back to work!


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