Country Living Fair, Columbus 2010

Creativity is Contagious

Mom and I headed to our first Country Living Fair in Columbus a few weeks ago and, boy, was it fun! This will be something we plan on attending every year, if we can. We picked a Sunday afternoon and the weather was perfect -- just a bit overcast and cool. Very autumnal! It sure helped get us in the spirit of the season...as did all of the amazing vendors. Next year, we'll bring a rolling dolly shopping car thingie and more cash (because the kettle corn folks take cash, and, well, who says no to kettle corn?!)

Happy mid-October, folks...Enjoy the eye candy :)

Country Living Fair, Columbus 2010


Erin said...

That looks like heaven to me. I love the quote in that first photo.

I found your blog through bless this nest. So cute!

monica said...

don't you just love fall????


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