list twenty-three: firsts, lasts + a little bit extra

oh my oh my. I've been a bit delinquent in my posts lately. So very sorry! I've been busy livin' folks. Summer is not the time to be stuck behind a computer longer than need be! Just yesterday, we hit the pool for the first time. Oh wow do I love the pool! It was glorious! Today has been a bit of an adjustment, getting back into the groove after shucking most responsibilities for a few days. As the clock winds down to pool time, I'm going to make the best of it. For now, enjoy list numero 23. Only twenty-nine to go. Only.

There are firsts and there are lasts. These are a few of both.


  • Thing I think of in the morning - "Just 5 more minutes..."
  • Love - Luke Skywalker + Nathan in the yellow house. I liked those blonds back then.
  • Vacation outside the U.S. - Mexico, senior spring break. Not one of my finer moments.
  • Record - Shakedown Street by the Grateful Dead
  • Tattoo - celtic knot on my back
  • Thing I ever sewed: Elastic-banded shorts with cows printed on them. I threw them out about six years ago, I kid you not. I loved those shorts.

  • Song I heard - Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap 
  • Thing I ate - miso soup, shrimp tempura roll, + calamari roll from Blue Ginger. nomnom
  • Thing I watched - 6 kids on bikes, with helmets on, picking up sticks behind my house in our car parking pad area. They've come back three times now. Tricky little beings.
  • Concert I went to - Further @ the LC. Holy good times, Batman.
  • Thing I bought - 16 different fabrics from Joann Fabrics. I went bonkers.
  • Person I called - Momma
  • Thing I Googled - Springfield Antiques Show (anyone else going?)


HennHouse said...

Love the Temper Trap!!

When is the antique show?

Mumzdawurd said...

Bonk bonk--- hey NATHAN!!!!!!!

Heh, now THERE"S your holy good times, Batgirl.


Evil smirk.

Hopefully one day you will also know such fun, too and think of me, heh.

Evelyn said...

@ HennHouse -- the antique show is set for this weekend, running from Fri - Sun. I hope to cram as many finds as I can afford into the Mini Cooper :)

@ Momma -- Oh, the memories. I can't wait to have kids to pull that crap on them, thus completing the circle of life ;)

jen said...

ha. cow shorts :) love it. (i used to collect cow stuff. i would have wanted those shorts.)

C'est La Vie said...

ohhh ohio :) haha
love that little map picture, it makes me miss home

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