list twenty-two: agenda this week

Happy Monday, my darlings. How was your weekend? Ours was...interesting. We had planned a mini getaway weekend, but a poor forecast kept us home. That meant, however, that we hit the London Strawberry Festival (where, much akin to many small Ohio festivals, had a gross lack of said host fruit.) We made up for it with a butterscotch sundae and taco cart. Not in that order. In fact, not on the same day, but I love them both so much I had to mention it. Oh, and we went to Comfest. Which was just bonkers. So many people, it almost wasn't fun. I didn't get a chance to hit vendor lane OR get fun carnival sweets. WTF. Just had lots of great conversation, got rained on, a few skeeter bites, and a bizarre, somewhat unpleasant nightcap with friends of friends (don't ask.) I'm over it already beacuse Sunday was blissful and utterly lazy. I wouldn't have traded it for the world!

So, that leaves me with this week. I used to despise Mondays, but I'm learning to love them. The whole week blossoming before me? What's not to love?! Here's what my week looks like, aside from the obvious work and housework-related stuffs...hows about yours?

- Mock up 4 new patterns (3 sewn and 1 crochet - can't wait for my linen order to arrive.)
- Drop off a custom "flippers" (aka summer slippers) order
- Sort through my summer clothes and pare down (I have waaaay too much stuff. Time to get ruthless!)
- Recaulk the bathtub (truth be told, it's been on my agenda for weeks now. I really, really don't wanna.)
- Yoga on Tuesday (went for the first time last week and loved every challenging second!)
- Take photos of everything I've been too lazy to photograph recently
- If I find any time to sew for myself, I'm going to tackle a yoga mat bag pattern by Amy Butler
- And the biggie...

- On Tuesday, Mom + I are off to a triple feature Twilight Experience Extravaganza! Oh yes...all three movies, right in a row with Eclipse as the finale at midnight. We're getting serious and packing sandwiches, folks. I can't wait!!! Is anyone else going?


jen said...

i love your take on mondays. cant wait to see pics of your creations!! triple twilight? FUN!!

Team Jacob Team Member said...


Whoo hooo hoooooooooo!!!!!

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