What's Cookin? Chicken + Spinach Greek-style pie

Spinach Feta Tomato Pie

For my next trial in cuisine, I thought I'd give this tasty Greek-style spinach + feta pie a try. I added a bit of chicken and rolled it into something like a taquito in the phyllo dough, but you could just as easily stick to the basic recipe, keep it vegetarian, and form it into a big circle pie thing. Enjoy!

{recipe gleaned from bbcgoodfood.co.uk}

- 7 oz. spinach
- 6 oz. jar of sundried tomatoes in oil
- 3.5 oz. crumbled feta
- 1/2 package phyllo pastry dough

(I "Americanized" the recipe, but if you click on the original link above, you'll get the metric conversion)

  1. 1 Put the spinach into a large pan. Pour over a couple tbsp water, then cook until just wilted. Tip into a sieve, leave to cool a little, then squeeze out any excess water and roughly chop. Roughly chop the tomatoes and put into a bowl along with the spinach, feta and eggs. Mix well.
  2. Carefully unroll the filo pastry. Cover with some damp sheets of kitchen paper to stop it drying out. Take a sheet of pastry and brush liberally with some of the sundried tomato oil. Drape oil-side down in a 8-9" springform cake pan so that some of the pastry hangs over the side. Brush oil on another piece of pastry and place in the tin, just a little further round. Keep placing the pastry pieces in the tin until you have roughly three layers, then spoon over the filling. Pull the sides into the middle, scrunch up and make sure the filling is covered. Brush with a little more oil.
  3. Heat oven to 350 degrees F. Cook the pie for 30 mins until the pastry is crisp and golden brown. Remove from the cake tin, slice into wedges and serve with salad.
Make it meaty
Chicken pies: Add 1 cooked, shredded chicken breast to the spinach mixture, then oil 3 sheets of filo per portion and lay them out on top of each other. spoon a few tbsp of the mixture onto one end of each pastry stack. fold over the edges and roll up to make cigar-shaped packages. Brush with oil and cook for 15 mins or until golden and crisp.


Erika ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

hold up! - those looks soooo frigin' good! - they WILL be on the menu this memorial day weekend @ my place! - thanks lovey!

~Tiptoe Butterfly~

MSM said...

Looks and sounds delicious and nutricious. Wondering though- how did it TASTE? Was it rather bland?

I don't see much "flavor" in that recipe.......no Mrs. Dash or pepper or nutmeg? No red peppers? No onion?

Seems it would need a bit of something - even a shake of chili pepper would help, or a dash of salad dressing to liven up the spinach?

TY for sharing, it is a great post. I am really beginning to love watching for your next culinary wonder. Thanks for sharing!

Evelyn said...

@ Erika -- Sweet! I hope you like them :) If I were you, I'd make the long cigar roll-up shapes for more of an appetizer. SO EASY to make! There's a trick, tho...if you want to cut them into little portions without breaking the dough all over the place, you might want to cut through the phyllo before you bake it -- that way, when it gets crispy, you won't break it apart when trying to cut smaller pieces :)

@MSM -- there was a lot of flavor, actually! Sun-dried tomatoes were in olive oil and herbs and feta is a strong cheese. It was a simple, clean dish. For a bit more punch, you can also use Greek dressing or balsamic vinaigrette as a dipping sauce!

Diana Mieczan said...

Ohhh yummm....I have a picnic this weekend so I think I will make those....Ohhh they sound sooooo good! Thanks sweetie!
Hope you are having a great day...It is Friday tomorrow!!!!

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