Put the Needle on the Record

So, the other day, I found myself in Best Buy with Bubs. He was looking for something ('something' is code for total geekfest EQII expansion, not that I would know anything about MMORPGs or anything...ahem.)

Anyway, back to my moment of duh.

We're casually cruising down the aisles on the way back to the front of the store and I see in my periphery two young 20somethings. I blurt out to Bubs (not very quietly, I may add),"Wow. Seriously? Who comes all the way to Best Buy for a calendar?"

Only to have my darling husband then point out,"Those aren't calendars. They're records."


P.S. Am I the only one who didn't know that Best Buy is selling vinyl? Sure, it's ridiculously overpriced, but still. They're records. At Best Buy. And that I was not expecting. I'll turn in my cool kid card at the door, thanks.


Anonymous said...

They thought they were CALENDERS?????????

oh. my. word.

Eve said...

Sheepishly, I admit that it was I, who at first side glance, thought they were calendars and not records.

Oh my word is right!

I'm mortified with myself.

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