List nine: I bet you didn't know...

 1. Reality shows are my secret indulgence. Jersey Shore? Oh yes, I watched every fist-pumping minute. Hoarders? Celebrity Rehab? 16 and Pregnant? Check. Check. Check. Strangely, I'm less embarrassed to admit this than I thought. I like to believe watching Antiques Roadshow, National Geographic and BBC America balances things out somehow.

2. I loathe guacamole, the smell of bananas, pinto and black beans. Everything else is fair game.

3. OK this one is embarrassing...but I'll divulge for the sake of an interesting read: I sleep with a blue stuffed bunny at night. It makes a good neck bolster pillow. My chiropractor would be sorely disappointed.

4. Remember those coloring book contest pages in the 80s? (Do they still have them? I'm not sure...) Well, when I was nine, I won one of those coloring contests. It wasn't the college tuition-level prize, of course. It was a neon yellow nylon backpack. One of my crowning artistic achievements to date.

5. I would eat breakfast for dinner every day if my husband would let me.

6. I've never broken a bone.

7. I've never been stung by a bee, wasp or any other hurty-type insect. Just skeeters, but they're worse, I think.

8. I volunteered at local no-kill cat shelter while in college.

9. I spent my 18th birthday hiking the Bridger Mountains in Montana.

10. I was in a Gap Kids fashion show with my little sister on my 8th birthday.

11. Always the overachiever, I never got below a B until college.

12. I learned to crochet when I was 10 by my cousin's grandmother. I taught myself to knit at 30.

13. I like old man food like smoked cheese, sardines and liver pâté.

14. When I was in kindergarten, I wanted to be a school bus driver.

That's enough from me. What's a weird little-known fact about you?


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