Freebie Friday: Crochet Clothespin Bag Pattern

Crochet Clothespin Bag

{courtesy sukigirl}

Is this not the cutest clothespin bag you've ever seen? Those miniature crocheted clothes (which Sukigirl also offers a pattern/tute for here) really are adorable. I especially love this crochet clothespin bag pattern because it is a great beginner crochet pattern (because, really. Who wants to crochet a gazillion scarves because you don't know what else to make?) Trust me, I've been there. This is a way more practical and easy pattern for newbies! (Special thanks to sukigirl for the great pattern. Love it!)

So, what could make this handy bag that much better? Why not whip up some plarn and crochet a more weather-proof version, perfectly suited for living outside on your clothes line? (FYI: "plarn" is yarn made from plastic grocery store bags...pure genius and super easy to make. Give it a try here.)

This is definitely on my top list of projects for myself. Now that the weather is warming and spring is officially just a couple weeks away, I'm itching to get a clothesline up. This clothespin bag will be a great addition, don't you think? 

Happy weekend, everybody :)


Chantale said...

It definately is cute! I wish we had an outdoor clothes line. I really miss that distinct fresh smell of clothes that have been dried the old-fashioned way. Did you know in some cities, there are actual by-laws forbidding clothes lines? Because it looks 'ugly'. I was thinking of putting a rotating free-standing one in our backyard... like we had when I was a kid! If I did, I'd crochet a bag like this.

Chantale said...
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