Refreshing the Kitchen: Stage 1 Complete!

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Winters in Ohio are a good time to tackle indoor home improvement projects. My friends did a bit of remodeling to their kitchen recently and it got me motivated to do a bit of sprucing up around here, too. I had been wanting to paint our kitchen white for awhile now. It's hard to resist when you see such gorgeous inspiration. Just look! Seriously, what's not to love about these kitchens? Bright, clean and inviting -- just the direction I want to take for ours.

There really isn't much wall to paint in our actual kitchen. It's mainly the eat-in kitchen space that needed repainting, so it wasn't that huge of a task, but wow, what an impact it had. Dingy beige walls, no more! We now have a bright, cheery, sparkly bright white kitchen and I'm seriously in love.  Just a couple of days and two coats of Sherwin Williams Pure White Harmony (low VOC and completely rocking) paint to get us that much closer to our inspiration kitchen.

Aren't blank canvases fun? I can't wait to keep going on this project! Here's what we have left to do:

Refreshing the Kitchen Project:
· Paint kitchen
· Replace eat-in kitchen lighting fixture
· Choose & install task lighting above counter
· Sew new banquette cushion covers & accent pillows
· Paint table legs & join to tabletop (Can't wait to share this!)
· Have glass cut for tabletop
· Replace the laminate countertop with butcherblock
· Find accessories & wall decor
· Declutter the countertops
· Create a recycling station
· Repair (or replace) the dishwasher

So that's what we're doing at home right now, but we're dreaming of lots more. What home improvement projects have you been working on or would like to begin?


Anonymous said...

Your kitchen looks really great.

I need to do something to mine, maybe just paint, as you said - a good place to start anyway that doesn't cost too much.

I will be checking back to see what table you are working on, sounds intriguing!

MSM said...

OOhh those kitchen pictures are so inspirational! GORGEOUS, and your kitchen can look very much like them in many ways- the bones are there.

Good luck with your crossing off that list, go go go!

Anonymous said...

I note that 3 out of 4 of your inspiration photos have the open glass cottage cupboard faces. Is that the way the rest of your kitchen looks?

I love the way white dishes stack up neatly in open glasses cupboards.

Just wondering, because you obviously like the look, too.

It's the kind that I have, makes a person keep it clutter free and tidy (because you can see it!)

Eve said...

Actually, my cupboards are all white, no glass faces. We're at an impasse on whether or not to install glass faces on a few, actually. All of our dishes are white and I think it would really look sharp. Whether or not it will happen is another matter entirely. (Ah, the joys of compromise!)

You're right, though -- it's definitely my favorite kitchen style!

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