List four: the states I've never visited.

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I'm a traveler and road trips are one of my favorite things to do in the whole, entire world. I got to thinking about summertime trips, which lead me to thinking of all the places I've been. The list is impressive. Maybe that will be a future post, but, for now, I'll start with the states I've not yet had a chance to visit, plus why I'd like to go. What's your favorite road trip destination?

1. Washinton -- For the forests.
2. Oregon -- Portland is more than reason enough.
3. Idaho -- To see the Grand Tetons.
4. Wyoming -- For the landscape.*
5. Utah -- For the Salt Lake.
6. Colorado -- For the skiing.
7. North Dakota -- Scandinavian Hjemkomst Festival.
8. Minnesota -- Mall of America.
9. Nebraska --  Winnebago Pow-wow
10. Wisconsin -- To visit my aunt & uncle.
11. Louisiana -- NOLA, holla.
12. Maryland -- For Bethesda foodie heaven (and a trip to D.C.)
13. Delaware -- To say, "Hi, we're in Delaware."
14. Rhode Island -- Beautiful Newport.
15. Vermont -- Ben & Jerry's factory tour.
16. New Hampshire -- For Spring Maple Sugaring season.
17. Maine -- For the lobsta.
18. Alaska -- For the natural beauty.
19. Hawaii -- For the surf.

*Update 2/28/10: Oops. I've been to Wyoming! I forgot that Devils Tower is located in Wyoming and was there in 1997. Time to go back for another visit, I think!


passport in my pocket said...

I travel a lot and I would have to say Seattle, Portland, Sedona and San Francisco are some of my favorite spots in the USA :)

In terms of a drive, riding the coast from San Fran through Big Sur down to Newport Beach is amazing.

MSM said...

OOOOoh neat post.

My sista lived in Wyoming so I went there once and it was amazing - so huge and so different from here.

Last fall I went to NH, RI, and Maine - love love love those places. I had been to Vermont before to ski Jay Peak a few times. OMG to die for skiing conditions- whew.

All the others I am with you- haven't been and would love to be but not as road trips- as SKI trips, haha.

I drove to Wyoming that one time when my aching bones were much younger and it nearly killed me. Never again, haha.

One of my favorite ROAD trips was to drive to Savannah. I would do that again in a split second.

I REALLY want to drive to NC (though have beeen there) and see the Biltmore Estate in Asheville - it is def on my Bucket List.

Thanks for the post. I get antsy this time of year to travel - probably all those fun trips driving to Florida (good times!!!)at this time of year.

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