List five: things that make me insane.


1. Having to repeat myself because someone wasn't listening.
2. Drivers who nearly stop at a highway on or off-ramp, rather than merge like a normal person.
3. People who don't shovel when it snows. My neighbors, in particular.
4. Incomprehensibly rude pet owners who let outside incessantly yappy dogs at 6:30 a.m and/or 11:30 p.m.
5. Having nothing but pennies when you need change for a parking meter.
6. Empty boxes of soda in the fridge.
7. Realizing you've no toilet paper after you've gone. (Really, who doesn't hate this?)
8. Pills on sweaters or fleece.
9. Wink's hairball barfs. (I don't do well with gross.)
10. Text inbox full messages.
11. Not turning off lights behind you when you leave the room.
12. When towels aren't folded properly and the crease is off. (ok, that one's a little OCD, I know...)
13. Anytime someone parks and takes up more than one space.
14. Printing envelopes upside down (because I can't ever recall which direction to feed them into the printer.)
15. Buying the wrong anything - size of clothes, kind of screws, lengths of fabric, knitting needles...
16. Shoddy windshield wiper blades. (Can't anyone invent a wiper blade that works in winter, please?)


designbylauren said...

haha, enjoyed reading this list. i too struggle EVERYTIME to remember which way to feed the envelope. too funny. i have finally trained myself to do a TEST on scrap paper.

passport in my pocket said...

I hate it when my favorite sweaters pill. I hear there's a pilling-shaver tool from Target that works well. I need to invest in one of those.

Eve said...

@ designbylauren - I need to get into that habit myself. Great idea!

@ passport in my pocket - Those sweater shavers really do work, but you can only shave a sweater so often before they just look haggard :)

MSM said...

Well I have been using a sweater shaver since those 80s Forenza cotton sweaters, so they REALLY work- nice on fleece jackets too. Makes em look brand new.

NOW this year- I was told something that has changed my life with winter wsw blades. It's all the rage now in icy Ohio. PULL THEM UP AWAY FROM YOUR WINDSHIELD! That way when your warm car freezes up after you have gone inside they d on't freeze to your windshield, only to be ripped from it once you turn the cold car on to get warm, and putting tiny tears onto your rubber and pretty much making them ineffective.

Brilliant. Just when you get to your car and scrap your windshield, ya then flip em back down and didnt' put any ice on them that could rip them, or do a gentle scrp of them if it ice/snowed while you wer inside - better than what we HAVE been doing to the poor expensive little buggers.

Anyway, that fixed your #16.

Can't do much about the rest except grin and bear it, you are not alone.

Dan Reeve said...

"List five: things that my husband does that make me insane."

<--- fixed the title for you.

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