Guilty Pleasures 80s Remix: Happy Weekend!

This mix came from my old friend Jack (aka DJ Mister Shifter) -- and I had to share it. Who doesn't love a little 80s remix now and again? Pure self-indulgence and loving every synthesized minute. This is definitely going to help me enjoy my snowy Ohio weekend!

Click here + pump up the volume.

{p.s. How is Neneh Cherry's Buffalo Stance 22 years old? Seriously.}

image: here (which is a hilarious read, btw.)


Jack said...

You rock, Ev!

Random Musings said...

Just wondering: is the "Cool Group" anything at all like
"The Jean Jacket Club?"


Eve said...

@ Jack - xoxo darling! That mix is le hot!

@ Random Musings -- Like, totally.

Jules said...

I need to save this as a favorite. I love 80's music. So many memories. I cannot believe that you mentioned Buffalo Stance. That used to be a favorite. I love when she says "What's he like anyway" with her British accent.

Love your blog by the way!

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