Confirmation that I Kick @ss.

Featured in Alltop
I'm so excited to share this news with you -- oh my word! is now featured on Alltop!


If you're not sure what Alltop is, definitely check it out. It acts like an aggregate for all the top news and blogs in any given category, much like an online magazine rack. "In a nutshell, Alltop is an information filter to help you find your nuggets of gold." (oh my word, someone thinks I'm GOLD!) Sarah Perez at ReadWriteWeb does a better job of explaining why Alltop rocks than I ever could, so I highly suggest reading up. Though Alltop isn't the super communications tool for everyone, it's not worth discounting. Not everyone subscribes to RSS feeds or is comfortable with a feed reader, which is why I'm so excited to be part of Alltop. I like options and providing options to you guys is never a bad thing. I hope you'll give it a gander -- let me know what you think!

P.S. Want quick access to some great craft articles? Take a look at the Alltop widget (scroll, it's on the left). It will link you to some of the top articles in the craft category on Alltop. Fun!


Annie said...

That's awesome. Congrats!

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