Attention All Handifolks and DIY Divas!

I need your help. My office needs your help. There is a gross lack of lighting in here and I am completely obsessed with this (discontinued) milk glass Martha Stewart Veneto Collection 5-Light Chandelier ($700. Ack!)

Darn good thing I am equally obsessed with repurposed, spray painted chandeliers, like these!

I plan to arm myself with an old chandelier, some spray primer and cans of glossy white to create version of the oh-so-hotness chandelier. However, there's just one problem. There's no ceiling fixture happening in my office, only wall outlets. I'm not interested in poking holes in my ceiling, fishing wire and adding stuff to use a hardwired chandelier, so please don't suggest I do so. I want it the quick + dirty, convert a hardwire chandelier-to-a-plug-in-and-call-it-a-day way. Everything I'm reading online, from electricians and other generally handy people, points to some issues with what to do with the ground wire from the hardwired chandelier because, apparently, the swag conversion kits you buy at the hardware store don't allow for a ground wire. I want to know what I'm getting myself into here, basically.

1. Has anyone ever converted a hardwire chandelier to a plug-in using a swag kit?

2. What did you do (or should you do) with grounding the chandelier?

3. Would the chandelier need to be grounded if it's converted and plugged into an ac/dc wall outlet?

4. I don't believe, because it would not be a permanent fixture  (rather a portable fixture, like a table lamp) that being to code is an issue. Am I wrong?

5. Why don't they teach these things in a class called Lighting Design, which I took and passed, mind you? Who gives a damn about parking lot lamp chemistry with practical, pressing issues like mine? Sigh.

If you've any experience in this arena or know someone who may know a little somethin-somethin, pleasey please please let me know. You'll make me a very happy lady if I can get this going! xo


Mr. M. said...

I can rewire it for you in 5 minutes. code is not an issue, because you're not putting it in a wall.

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