{While I'm Away...} Rinse Mushroom & Kamisabi Ghosts

Mr.'s BFAM (aka "Brother From Another Mother", BFF, groomsman and our old roommate) Yosuke brought us all cool little gifts from Tokyo when he came for the wedding (because he's super generous and cool like that.) I LOVE my little "rinse mushrooms" and kamisabi paper punch-out ghosts! He got Sissy a bright lime green matroyshka doll-shaped cell phone case that is completely adorable. Not to mention the "moms" gifts...a set of two delicate bone china teacups and saucers. I'll see if I can get a hold on some photos to share :)

P.S. He isn't really Hubs' brother...they are just such good friends it's like they were separated at birth ;) I can't wait to visit him in Japan. One day, I hope!



Anonymous said...

What unique and groovy gifts!! He sounds like a kewl guy.

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