{Negril Favorites} New Friends

It isn't a cliche...Jamaicans really, truly are honestly friendly, genuine, down-to-earth people. I felt so comfortable, so at home there that, if I thought I could hawk baskets on the beach for a living, I'd do it! Sure, while we walked the beach, we were asked a few times if we were interested in some other local plant life, but a simple no, smile and nod were always enough of an answer. But mind you, every person we met was a talker! Whoa buddy! And nothing is fast. Just be mellow, expect things to not happen quickly, give time for a friendly conversation everywhere you go and you'll be irie in no time at all! Here are some of the friends we made along the way...

Reggae musicians at the Beach Party
B.B. King and his band...clearly not the same B.B. King!

The Honeymooners plus Skippy (left) and Akeem (front)
We won a bottle of Appleton rum that night - Go Team!

Musician on the sunset catamaran cruise.Ultimate Chocolate...best pianist this side of the Equator!

Rastafari Daddy Coo with lots of Jamaican plant life (no..not that plant life!)

Nigel teaching basket weaving


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