I Heart TOMS!

{Rockin' the One for One style, His in plaid, Hers with bows.}

I had the pleasure of being a guest of The Ohio State University yesterday for a dinner honoring Blake Mycoskie, founder and chief shoe giver of TOMS Shoes, and was able to hear him speak to students and lovers of TOMS. Blake's appearance was part of the 2009 First-Year Distinguished Speaker series at the university, aimed at introducing incoming freshman to leaders and entrepreneurs in the business industry and community alike.

It was exhilarating to hear Blake speak about his experiences getting started, growing, motivations and ambitions in developing a sustainable business. His business model alone is enough to revolutionize how we, as consumers and professionals, approach both product development and purchasing power -- the idea that a for-profit business does not have to exist parallel to a philanthropy, that businesses and charities can unite as one (and that we can actively choose to support those businesses...and why wouldn't we? C'mon people!) It takes courage to do something new and it takes determination to make it work. Blake Mycoskie has both in spades. My shoes are off to you, sir!

{Now we're BFFs}
{Oh yes, and Blake signed my TOMS :) }


Anonymous said...


Hey do the shoes run true, slim, wide, big, small- I would like to give Toms some business....just wondering what you thought.

Love the bows, and the plaid is so cute! Wish my guy would wear plaid, I love it but he isn't into it.

Thanks, think it's awesome he signed the side of your shoe- hope your feet weren't stinky when you gave them to him, haha.

Eve said...

Good question!

Normally, I wear a 6.5 medium width. Sometimes I can fit into a 6 or 7, depending on the shoe, and I tried all 3 sizes in TOMS. The 6.5 was perfect for me, as I normally wear mine barefoot (as their designed.) There is a bit of "give" or stretch to them, like any canvas shoe (like Keds, for example). If you've ever worn Keds and know your size, I'd go with that size or the size you normally take, as a starting point. The top vamp of the shoe has a bit of elastic to accommodate an arch or a wider foot. They break in very well and are very comfortable, with a soft suede insole. If you're a vegan, they offer vegan options, as well!

According to the Mr., the suede TOMS run according to size, but are stiffer than the canvas uppers, so keep that in mind.

I hope that helps! Also, TOMS has released Tiny TOMS for tots of all ages, too. Give them this holiday season as a perfect opportunity to teach little ones about giving back.

PS. No stinky feet, but they were a bit on the warm side, I can't lie. Ew. But Blake didn't scoff a bit. What a gentleman :)

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