Remembering 9/11

{Fynnegan Sloyan via Platial News}

Eight years today, our country experienced grievous acts of terrorism. Thousands of people died. Millions were affected. Where were you on 9/11/09? I was in class downtown being taught the fundamentals of design by an American veteran. He left to make copies. He returned with a look on his face I'll never forget. That was the last moment before finding out how my America would forever be altered. We were dismissed to go home. I've never felt so scared, listening to everything transpire via radio and later, on television. I called everyone I knew. I prayed for my friends and family in New York and around the world. I cried. I walked to the drug store, where I stood in silent companionship with fellow Americans. We all were numb. The towers were still burning. Hours later, our dear friend called from Japan, where he had just learned of the attacks. The first words out of his mouth were, "Is this for real?"

So, why is it in this short eight years that we are so many so quick to forget those primal, raw feelings of how we felt that day? Are we disillusioned by war and politics? Perhaps some of you are. Do either change the outcome of that day? Absolutely not. Innocent men, women and children died that day. Better people than I died trying to rescue survivors. We're doing them a dishonor by not remembering or, worse yet, dismissing the accounts of that day. Do parents talk with their kids about it? Think about it...the now-adult 18 year olds were 10 years old when 9/11 happened. Do they really understand? Can they ever really understand? A deep part of me fears they never will.

With respect, I ask you to take a moment today to sit and remember where you were on 9/11/01. Give thanks that you are still here and say a prayer for those who are not. Or don't. That's the beauty of freedom.

Thank you to Jason for sharing this great map with us all. Be sure to leave your mark.


True Blind Faith said...

I was living in CA when it happened, but I had grown up in NJ 25 miles from NYC. We lost a cousin but thankfully everyone else was safe. When I visit the city I still catch myself looking for the twin towers in the skyline. It's still so surreal.

jason wilson said...

check out the platial map of people's memories of "where they were" http://platial.com/map/Where-I-was-When-9-11-Happened/2968

you can actually embed this map in your post, and people could post to it right from here

Nicole said...

I just wanted to thank you for being one of only 2 blogs out of 147 that commented on 9-11 today. I loved your blog before this but now I love it even more.

Anonymous said...

I somehow missed this blog on that day- not on computer much, but amen, sistah! Thank you for sharing this, you are absolutely RIGHT!

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