The one where I discuss my leopard-print shoe obsession.

OK. I need to share my not-so-recent obsession with leopard-print ballet flats because it's getting difficult to resist not running out to buy a pair like.Right. Now. But let's be real here. At no point, ever, in my life would a leopard-print ballet flat, preferably in pony hair, be a practical addition to my wardrobe. (Yes, that statement just came from someone who wears and loves grape-purple suede and patent leather peep toes and makes it work.)

I think the root of the shoe evil is stemming from my, at the moment, very bland clothing collection. Well. Bland for me, anyway. I tried to cut back and purge and create a closet of interchangeable classics.

Trench? Check
Everyday top? Check
Well-fitting jeans? Several checks
Dress pants? Check
A great skirt? Check
Day dress? Check
Classic LBD? Again, several more checks

I could go on and on, but I think you understand where I'm going. To be completely honest, I've done a spot-on job, collecting everything but the jacket/blazer (which is on this fall's major Must Have list...right next to leopard-print ballet flats...)

See what I mean?! My craving for said shoes is seemingly insatiable. It's a completely impractical, insane wish-list item, but oh. How darling they would look with skinny jeans and a blazer. Sigh. I think I'm going to have to steer clear of the mall for awhile until I get this under control. Or at least until I get a coupon :)


Taryn said...

Oh, you could definitely make leopard print flats work!! I have a pair...and zebra print. Love both to pieces! I just wear a solid color top, cute jeans, and fun shoes. :) Actually, I wore my zebra print ones for my e-pics (posted on my blog if you wanted to see.)

They aren't pony hair, but maybe you could try out the leopard print with these ones from DSW:


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