I'm STILL Wishing DIY Meant "Did It Yesterday"...

Last week was a productive wedding prep week. I managed to fashion together all of our pew wreaths (24 in total, phew!), made a puffy bow for the programs basket, had FMIL cut the circle for the cake stand, started working on the grab bags for out-of-towners and began working on my special chair back covers for our own personalized bride & groom reception chairs. I would've finished the chair back covers entirely, but it didn't begin well...wrong size template and yarn weight. Fear not! I'll get it worked out and they should look smashing :)

Here are the remaining DIY projects:

- print & assemble programs
- print menus
- print & assemble escort "cards"
- finish chair back covers
- finish cake stand
- make veil

There are so many more non-crafty things that need to be done, too (such as...getting our wedding license and making final payments to nearly everyone, nobigdeal.) October is shaping up to be a busy month, but I'm confident that we'll get it all completed, despite being down one key member of Team E+D...Sissy (aka the MoH) is moving away at the end of the month! ACK =( I'm very sad. But she'll be coming back for the wedding and staying nearly a week. We're all very excited for her, but she's my Gibraltar. It's going to be an interesting adjustment for me, maintaining my sanity without her close by. My excitement and hope for her success is getting me through, though! Poor D. He's going to have to bear the whole weight of my wedding stress now. Well, there's always my momma. She's always good for a chat or twelve :)

Now, back to the DIY projects. Because we are delaying our honeymoon departure until the first week in December, I'd like to make us new luggage tag sets sometime before then. D. has requested red ones to match the black luggage I bought him a few years ago and I plan to go with some bright, cheery pattern to match the navy/white Diane von Furstenberg luggage he bought me for my birthday (hurray!)

While snooping the interwebs for a freebie pattern (one less thing I have to figure out myself through trial & error is a good thing, at this point), I came across this completely great quickie luggage tag tutorial. Aren't they darling? I think I'll fashion ours much the same way, though I am going to attempt to sew on a bit of clear plastic to hold our contact information. Being ever so thrifty, I hold onto all of those vinyl bags that new sheets and such come in and I think that vinyl weight will hold together nicely. Rather than sew 3 sides to form a sleeve for the information card to slide into, I may just sew all 4 sides to keep it from falling out. We won't be moving for awhile, anyway :)


Taryn said...

I love the idea of making your own luggage tags...how creative of you!! I wish I was talented enough to make my own...LOL! My wedding DIY projects are (thankfully) somewhat easy.

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