Going to the Probate Court and...

Gonna get a marriage license! (queue The Dixie Cups backing track.)

Today's a big day for wedding-related happiness. We are venturing off to Probate Court with documents in-hand to get our official marriage license. One huge ginormous check off of The List. Then, later this afternoon, we get to meet with our minister to go over the ceremony, vows and details. *squee!*

Oh yeah...and did I mention that yesterday, I had both my hair and makeup trials? Both HUGE, MAJOR successes? My. veil. is. perfect. Want to post photos so badly it hurts, but I just can't ruin the surprise. Soon, very soon! /happydance

There is only one teensy problem with the make-up. Hello, M·A·C. Why on Earth do you cost so much? It caused physical pain when I saw how much my dream face was going to cost me, but we axed all but the essentials. I'm going to take an assessment of my brushes and see if I can make do. I think when it's all said and done, it will be about $200 spent on makeup and a couple brushes. Right then, I'm fairly certain I threw up in my mouth a little. I'm thrifty. I have never in my life bought a face-full of high-quality make-up, as I generally opt for the "make do with makeup on the cheap" philosophy. Let's just say that cheap beauty products are not always kind to a 30-year-old face. And into my life walks M·A·C Cosmetics...

Ladies. OH MY WORD. I don't care what I have to do to get this M·A·C makeup. Fo riz. I wore it all night. Over night. Just to "test". The eyeshadow smudged a little. That's it. As featherlight as the foundation/powder combo was (with amazing coverage), I had to scrub to get it all off. Skin never looked better. Not a single blemish and I have crazy oily skin. Let me just mention the sales rep/makeup genius Angela was completely fantastic. She deserves a Starbucks on me for the magic she worked, I'm telling you what. I'm 100% sold.

M·A·C was recommended to me highly from an old colleague of mine who was married over the summer. She had gone to the M·A·C counter, was all dolled up for free and bought everything they used, taught her how to put it on and everything. My bridesmaid/future cousin-in-law swears by it, too, and has my FMIL send it to her in England. That says something, people!

I had been toying with the idea of airbrush makeup, which was recommended on my local board on The Knot. I checked out the top recommended airbrush makeup artist in my area and her services cost $120 for bride day-of-wedding makeup application. That's just silly to me. Sure, wedding=markup, but if you charge $50 for the bridal party makeup application, how do you justify the bride's face costing 140% more? Nonsense. Justifying spending so much on makeup at all is hard enough for me...but if I'm dropping serious cash, I'd at least like to have it for my honeymoon and the holidays! Merry early Christmas. This year, I'm giving myself the gift of beauty and confidence. Who knew it would only cost $200?

Sorry my "happy marriage license day" post morphed into "blab about makeup" post, but I'm telling you. M·A·C Cosmetics must be that good to trump my marriage license! Ha! With that said, I'm going to get in my Shred for the day, make a hazelnut iced coffee, get cleaned up and get started on our day. If I don't pop in later, enjoy your weekend :)


HennHouse said...

I'll have to check out M-A-C. I've never heard of them.

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