Fall Back

Crisp breezes, sunshine and the call of cicadas...it's nearly summer's end here in Ohio and these last few days have felt like it. I can't remember weather more perfect or more autumnal. It feels right for back-to-school, football, apple cider and warm sweaters. In our home, this is our favorite time of year and it brings us a lot of happiness.

So with the very beginnings of fall before us and summer days shortening, what do you look most forward to in the start of the new season? This year, I am looking most forward to the things we love the best -- pumpkin harvesting, Halloween costumes, football (it's so important, I had to mention it twice) and sleeping snuggled under 50 pounds of blankets with the windows open -- but most of all, I want to "fall back" from everything else and enjoy every last moment leading up to our wedding in November. The gap between now and then is closing quickly and, though there are a few more important things to take care of, I don't want to be stressed or rushed to get them done and especially don't want to feel like they are chores. No one likes chores. And this is our wedding. WEDDING! That makes me so happy, you can't begin to imagine. With that said, I welcome the most memorable fall season to come and hope that Indian Summer doesn't make it to Ohio this year.

PS. Go Bucks!


Mrs. B said...

Beautifully written. I wish you the very best autumn of your lives. And many MANY more to come.

MSM said...

Whoot first win of the Buckeyes season, whoo hoo!

GO Scarlet and Grey all the way!

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