{Bombshell Beauty} The Lipstick Effect

Maybe you've heard the buzz on what's being called the "Lipstick Effect" and perhaps you have not. Nonetheless, there is some truth and common sense behind the idea that women, during (wait for it...) "economic uncertainty" drop the frivolities of ultraluxe goods and opt for high-impact, low price-point items, like the classic red pout circa the 1930s and 40s.

There is something to be said for spending $5 on a new tube of lipstick, isn't there? And if you're only spending $5, why not go for broke, so to speak, and go with a high-impact color like red?

Not all of us is willing to gamble on which shade of red to buy, however (and goodness knows there are a million and a half shades out there.) Nothing irks me more than buying the wrong shade of lipstick and never wearing it again. What a waste!

To help you on your journey to becoming a bombshell yourself, here's a few hints to choosing (and wearing) the perfect shade of red.

1. Know your skin tone. This one is a biggie in knowing how to select complimentary makeup colors and shades. Not sure if you have warm or cool undertones? Head to your nearest makeup counter for an assessment or use helpful online sources for guidance. Generally, bright, classic red looks great on pale complexions, but here are some general rules:

· Cool Tones: Berry reds, pink tones, blackberry, plum and other blue-based reds

· Warm Tones: Tomato reds, orange-reds, corals, tawny or golden reds

2. Outlining is essential. To prevent feathering and keep your color on your lips, outline them! Many use a coordinating red to carefully outline your lips, but I prefer and recommend a nude or neutral liner. I've also filled my lips in entirely with a nude liner prior to applying a bright red to my lips to maintain color for longer.

3. Powdering & blotting. One thing I don't hear often enough are the powdering and blotting tricks, which are nearly essential to wearing red lipstick. If you really want your color to stay put, apply your liner and lipstick carefully, then dust on a little translucent power (with a cotton ball, so as to not ruin your powder puff), then reapply a second coat of lipstick, then blot. The best way to blot without ruining your clean lines is to take one slip of toilet paper and roll your lips over it gently or slightly pucker your lips and kiss.

4. Everything else. The general rule of thumb is to keep the rest of your face pale in comparison to your classic red lips. In most occasions, that's a safe rule. Go easy on the rouge and eye shadows, maintaining a clean, bright complexion is more than enough. If you're feeling daring or have a date night, black eyelashes and a bit more eyeliner may be in order. Nothing is as sultry as a smoky eye and a red lip! But apply makeup with caution because there is a fine line between looking like a classic beauty and a harlot. When in doubt, go for the less-is-more look.

And remember...you're never fully dressed without a smile!


HennHouse said...

I've always sort of envied women who could pull off bright red lipstick. It just never works on me.

Twila Jean said...

I have like 9 shades and wear it every day :) I love lipstick. especially reeeeeed.

Mrs. B said...

I wouldn't leave the house without my lipstick applied.

This was a fun post. Especially the line "And remember... you're never fully dressed without a smile!"

That is really wonderful advice.

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