{Wedding Details} Take a Seat, Part II

So when it comes to wedding details, I'm all about it. The pew reservation cards, the escort cards, the menus, table numbers, guest book...to me, they are the tiny details that finish off the wedding the way jewelry does an outfit. Of course, they don't make the wedding, but when you've worked hard to create a certain kind of ambiance to your celebration, isn't it nice when everything fits together well?

Here are more great escort and place/seating card ideas I found while searching for inspiration:

Different paper or fabric selections could indicate menu selection, too.
{Martha via VintageGlam}

Aren't these mini notebooks great? Practical favors meet place card.

Mini clothes pins are too cute for words. These could work for a casual, rustic wedding or a baby shower.
{Real Simple}

Stunning. And I'm only a little partial since they showed it with my name on the sample :)
{TimelessPaper via A Touch of Bliss}

What did you do for escort and place cards? Something traditional or avant garde? If you had to indicate menu selections, how did or would you go about it?


Mrs. B said...

These paper arts ideas are wonderful. I, too, especially like that peacock placecard!

Back in my day we didn't nearly fuss as much as today's brides do, so I cannot suggest anything.

I get the strong feeling that you need no ideas, though. Enjoy all your projects, I am sure it will all be lovely.

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