{Must Have} The J. Peterman Company

With as much time as I spend online poking through treasure troves of online finds, so rarely does anything jump at me quite the way The J. Peterman Company did. Oh my, do they have some delicious goods! It's my new favorite.

But honestly, not only do they have tip top rare vintage finds for the home, completely adorable vintage-inspired fashions and accessories for men and women, it's the descriptions for each piece that practically made me swoon. I freaked out a little, actually, then proceeded to read outloud to my fella at least a half dozen of the things. (He loved it, I promise.)

Like this one for the Tournabuoni Shirt & Skirt (darling illustration below):
"The women of Florence are famous for their trim miniskirts and designer scarves, their slick sophisticated pumps.

But there’s another side to their wardrobes, one that goes deeper into the Tuscan character. Practical, active-spirited...you could even call it tough chic.

This outfit discovered in a small shop on the via Tornabuoni is a fine example. Looks like something Oriana Falacci might have worn on a journalistic adventure to one of the more remote latitudes.

(There was a Florentine for you. As a pigtailed schoolgirl, carried explosives for the anti-Fascist underground. Later, the sharpest political interviewer in the world, pursuing truth with remorseless charm that got Yassir Arafat, Henry Kissinger, and the Shah of Iran to disclose the most amazing things.)

You’ll look right at home in a trattoria on the Arno, nonchalantly twirling pasta on your fork.

Even better, it’s just about all you need for a week or two of exploring the city and the ancient hill towns beyond, discovering those whites and reds that the Italians keep for themselves."

All that to describe a shirt & skirt combo. Now THAT is how you sell, my friends.

And look! Even more completely to-die-for pieces. Oh J. Peterman Company. You've just created a monster.

{all images courtesy J. Peterman Company}


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