Here Comes the Sun

So who else out there is a fan of the HBO series True Blood besides me? I'm a fan. A big one. I've always had a certain panache for vampire genre books, which is strange but I'm OK with that. So after completely devouring the Twilight series, I needed more. Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse novels were recommended and voila! I've been hooked ever since (plan on starting book #6 today.)

Anywho. With that said, our new Sunday night ritual involves watching True Blood (oh yes, I've managed to talk D. into being a fan, too.) And though this seems to be receiving a bit of contention online, I think Sookie's yellow skirt and flower sweater in Sunday night's episode was completely darling (and a vast improvement from a boring suit and 'Haragami' a la the Harris novel, no offense.)

It helped me remember how much I love yellow! So here you are. My Infamous Sookie Stackhouse Anubis Airlines Yellow Outfit tribute:


D said...

not to mention I like you in Yellow.. :)


(just not in the fall)

Eve said...

Oh hi there :) Your official first post! I heart you for the compliment. And yes...yellow is banned in the heart of Buckeye Country all season long xo

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