What a Cute Pear.

Crocheted Copper Pears
{Courtesy Yoola's etsy}

So I know that the pear theme was le hot for some weddings awhile back and, honestly, I have always really liked it. Pears are delicious, cheap and make for a nice, simple theme to play from. Not to mention the tongue-in-cheek pair/pear. C'mon, word plays are a gimme for me!

Felted Wool Pear Pair
{Courtesy Cozycottagecreation's etsy}

Generally, I love faux fruit in surprising materials. Like wood, metal, cloth, ceramic..you get the idea. I think it began with my grandma's wooden fruit (of which I will have to find so I may snap a photo.) This old thing is so completely kitch, it's fantastic - solid wood banana, peapod, grapes and a gaggle of other fruit not so easily deciphered. I love it. We all do. It was always on the huge kitchen table at her house and anyone on that side of the family would most likely recognize it by sight. Though kept for strictly sentimental reasons initially, I have found that I now gravitate towards really cool fake fruit. Go fig :) (har har)

Handpainted Ceramic Pear Trio
{Courtesy Station 1528's etsy}


Mrs. B said...

Please take a picture of that wooden fruit of your Grandmother's! We would love to see it.

HennHouse said...

You are too funny!! (the fig thing had me laughing out loud)

We have four REAL pears growing on one of our trees... yeah!

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