The Value of My Dollar {Pt. 2}

Exhibit 2: Thrift Store Faves

I have a heaping TON of favorite clothing items that I bought at the thrift store. I like to call these my 'shabbies', though by the look of my perfect-fitting vintage London Fog trench, you'd never know it. Sure, there's a seam that I need to resew and it could stand a good soak, but I'm pretty certain it cost me $3. Both of my favorite tees came from the thrift store - a baby blue Ithaca, NY one and a navy blue Foster's Lagar one. They really are completely ludicrous, but I love them so much I would consider rescuing them from a fire.

But my thrift store pièce de résistance, you ask?

This stunner: a shiny, black dining room sideboard with multiple drawers and a duo of cabinets. Those features help it to look like it's $1,000 cousins, but mine had a price tag of $22. Yes. I'm serious. In total, with paint et al, $50. I knew this was a piece I would like to have eventually, I knew to keep my eyes open. When I was at the thrift store and saw the ugly brown pre-makeover version for $22, I didn't hesitate to call D. to help me bring it home. After a lot of sanding, priming, painting and a hardware change, it was complete.

I've found the key to thrift store shopping is to not go in looking for anything particular, have a few hours to kill and look through everything. Heck, make a day of it and visit a handful of shops with a (patient) friend.


Anonymous said...

hehe runs in the family. My fave score was from Goodwill - a stylish Italian-made pure black wool winter coat for 10 bucks.

Unc D

Anonymous said...

This is a fabulous piece! What a bargain! WOW!

Nita said...

Can I just say it's really refreshing to read a blog of someone who is intelligent?

You use the correct "there" "their" etc.

-Nita (norasenl)

PS - I'm finishing school in Ithaca right now!

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