Eye Candy: My Favorite Shoes

This is an unabashedly shameless gush over my favorite shoes...consider yourself warned!

So...my favorite shoes are apple green suede Marjorie ballet flats from J. Crew. I wear them with everything...even if I skirt dangerously close to looking silly. On more than one occasion, I've referred to them as "My Lucky Green Shoes." I know how cracked that sounds, but I can't help myself.

The downside to having this particular pair of shoes as my favorites are some of the same reasons for that position...they're suede, they're J.Crew and they're apple green. Let me explain:

Suede isn't the most durable fabric out there...not that I'm looking for a Teflon shoe or anything, but they require a bit more caution than if you were donning something in a waxy leather.

J. Crew knows how to make a shoe, but they come with a hefty price tag...$98! No...I didn't pay that much for mine, of course, but I'm not going to spill the beans on my super ninja shopping abilities either.

Apple green. They are so darling. I would, in fact, pay $98 for another pair exactly like mine...only J. Crew sells my beloved Marjorie ballet flat in very select colors each year. I can just hear the snooty designer now..."Apple green is so out this year." (Apparently it is according to J. Crew...but I don't care. It's my fave-o.)

Here are other colors I heart and am doing my best to resist buying, but Wow. It's hard. They are the most comfortable shoes I own (and I have had surgery on one of my feet...Orthopaedics are NOT an option, people!) Oh yeah, did I mention they have them in metallics and satins now, too? Argh.

{All courtesy: J. Crew}


Anonymous said...

One could dance all night in those slipper shoes!

You should show us a pic of your apple green ones! Maybe actually ON your feet?? :- D

Thanks for sharing~!

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