Vintage Manicure Spotted!

I went to see The Watchmen last night with D. You can only imagine my utter surprise and joy at seeing (the original Sally Jupiter) Silk Spectre rocking a perfect vintage half-moon (aka reverse French) manicure in the movie! The scene where I best noticed it was maybe about 1/2 way through, when a group photo is being taken. She moves her hand up to her eyes and laughs. Take note of her hands - her nails look amazing! Red polish with bare moons AND tips. Simply stunning. What a fantastic detail to include in the movie. I'm impressed!

For those who are curious about how I enjoyed the movie, I liked it, but didn't love it. Great intro, costuming, some great acting and cinematography, but I felt it was too long and dragged a bit.


Atomic Mama said...

I saw that in the previews and went SQUEEEE with joy!
I am so excited to go see watchmen

Somertime in the City... said...

Totally agree with you in that it was too long, especially with my ADD! I thought it was visually stunning though. I'll admit to dozing off for a minute during the Mars scene, but don't tell anyone! Having a movie reviewer boyfriend means screenings during the week and this one was tough after a long day. I've already been prepped that if they release an extended version on DVD I will be forced to watch it, ack!! :P

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