This Bud's For Pew: Pew Markers & Decorations

For their wedding, my future brother-in-law and his wife had fantastic cream-colored pip berry wreaths clipped to the ends of the pews -- AND they have been kind enough to let us use them for ours! Granted, they didn't have an autumn wedding, but I think with a little ingenuity, they should be just the ticket for dressing up the aisle for our wedding.

We aren't looking for over-the-top, but it's a looooong aisle with fantastic wood pews...it's just begging to be decorated!

Along the way, I found these photos for inspiration. Love the pomanders!

{Courtesy: Flowers By Shona}

{Courtesy Rays Florist UK}

{Courtesy: Project Wedding}

{Courtesy: unknown}

{Courtesy: The Knot}
{Courtesy: Jasmine Star}


Anonymous said...

Loooove pip berry wreaths!!!!! so autumn, yet understated, very cool idea - all of those pics were great.

Tom Foolry said...

I completely agree with the other commenter, pip berry wreaths are amazing! Love the pics, I hope your wedding went fantastic!

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