The Groom's Cake

I came across this great history of the groom's cake on local baker Jan Kish's website. I very rarely attend a wedding with a groom's cake, but I rather like the tradition. Plus, it is a clever way to include an additional cake flavor and infuse a bit of whimsy into your wedding. Want more? Read the whole story here.

Another great idea is to serve the groom's cake at a rehearsal dinner or another wedding event. Perhaps you're having a couple's shower? A groom's cake would be a fun way to involve the man in your life in the traditionally no-boys-allowed event.

"Many couples are designing groom's cakes baked and iced to reflect the groom's hobbies or interests. Original and engaging, grooms cakes have resembled the groom's antique car or cowboy boots, while others in traditional cake shapes have sported hunting scenes or his favorite hole on the golf course.

'Block O' Ohio State Buckeyes Cake
{Courtesy: Cake Dot, Columbus}

In the past, groom's cakes, which were separate from the bride's cakes, were either cut and wrapped to be eaten after the reception, or they were served from another table for those guests who preferred a darker, richer cake.

Vintage Mini Cooper Cake
{Courtesy: Cakes By Kross}

Today, the groom's cake is still sliced and served separately, usually by a member of the wait staff. Some couples prefer to offer the groom's cake at the rehearsal dinner, a fitting time since the groom's family hosts the occasion.

BBQ Cake
{Courtesy: Frosting By Heather}

Whatever time or theme you choose for the groom's cake, it is a charming tradition that adds a distinctive, personal touch to your wedding festivities while honoring the man you just married."

Heineken Bottle Cap Cake
{Courtesy: Jane from Saint Petersburg via Paradoxoff}

(On a personal note, I love the Heineken cake shown above. Back in 2006, I left my career to return to college to complete my degree. I had worked there almost 6 years, so the work friendships I made were sincere. One of my work buddies, who had been relocated to our Florida office, knew when my last day would be and ordered a cake be delivered to the office -- my favorite ice cream cake shaped and decorated *exactly* like a Heineken bottle (my favorite beer.) It was the coolest cake I've ever seen! I know I have a photo somewhere...if I ever find it, I'll get it posted for all to see.)


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