You know how you're supposed to eat an hour before donating blood? They mean it. Really. As we left Whole Foods' really fantastic wedding event today (great flowers, killer catering samples, handmade jewelry, some make-up action and CAKE!) we saw the Bloodmobile near Trader Joe's. So, we made a detour so I could give blood. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I hate needles and I always get dizzy after I give blood. Perhaps you're asking me why I do it? Well, my slight discomfort is severely overshadowed by the greater good of donating. I just get over myself and would encourage anyone else to please do the same. It is truly worth it.

With that said, today was a doozy. I almost fainted! It was a little scary, actually. I went from hero to zero in, oh, about ten minutes. Before knew it, three nurses were telling me not to close my eyes, covering my neck and head with cold towels and propping up my feet. After a little while, I started to feel better and one of the ladies mentioned that I was getting my color back..so after about an hour, maybe a little more in total, I was eating cookies and on my way to the pet store.

Whew. What a day! Can't wait for the "rainbow of colors" my arm will turn. The cookies help, though :)


The Vintage Housewife... said...

hello doll...oh honey your still a hero...not many kittens would do that on the fly...i just found your blog and am happy to see another vintage gal around...swing by my place sometime...cat

hennhouse said...

Wow! That is kind of scary. What kinds of cake did you try?

Eve said...

Thanks ladies! I appreciate the blog warm fuzzies!

@ Henn...Classic yellow with vanilla buttercream and fresh raspberries. WOWSA!

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