These go to eleven.

Eleven years on Sunday. Give or take, that's how long D. and I have been together. Holy cow, that's a long time! I'm going to find photographic gems for your viewing pleasure very shortly from The Early Years. It will be the thing which blackmail is born from, I assure you!

To celebrate, we're having dinner tonight at a secret location - alas, I cannot divulge the details, as it may be The Venue for our wedding reception. What fun would it be if I told you

Here's a picture I borrowed from their website. Love those twinkle lights.

Amongst other things, we are going to a wedding event at Whole Foods on Saturday. I have no idea what to expect, but I sure hope they have food samples! I love bite-sized foodstuffs. And cake. I really love their cake (yes, more cake posts.) Their frosting puts the butter in buttercream, too...it's heart attack city kind of frosting but wow. It's really good. And pretty, too. Isn't this cake darling?


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