The Written Word

With the advent of technology and all of it's conveniences, I can't help but find myself longing for something more, drawn to the simplicity, beauty and thought put into the hand-written word. From amazing hand calligraphy to a simple thank-you note, all things ephemeral are a cherished (albeit old-fashioned art form) to me.

My soon-to-be MIL is ultra-talented in many different mediums, one of which is calligraphy. We are going to ask her to contribute her skills to pieces for our wedding as a gift to us. I sincerely can't think of a better gift!

Many people have complimented me on my very tidy handwriting, but rather than show you my terrible first-attempts at calligraphy, I thought I'd share with you my inspirations.

For anyone in the wedding blog world, Classic Bride is top-notch. Not only does she demonstrate impeccable taste, she has just recently launched her own company called SD Calligraphy featuring her fantastic calligraphy! Below is her Chelsea style -- the perfect amount of w
himsy and classic appeal. Bravo Sarah! I'm a huge fan!

{courtesy of SD Calligraphy}

Below is a surprising bit of temporary artistry through handwriting. I wonder if the person who wrote this even knows how inspirational it is -- and that people all over the world are now appreciating it as more than the informational piece it was intended.

{courtesy of Flickr}

My love of the written word doesn't start and stop with hand calligraphy. I LOVE getting a proper letter or note through the mail. Last week, we had a meeting with a potential wedding photographer here in town. Not only did we have a really fun time, but in yesterday's post, we received this note. Talk about leaving us with a great impression! All of the details are so much fun - the recycled magazine envelope, the hand-stamped wax seal, the unique postage, the note's scalloped edge. She's an artist through and through.

{thank you kitty!}


sarah said...

You are too sweet -- Thanks for mentioning SDC and I'm so excited to follow your blog! Cheers!

hennhouse said...

Welcome to the blog world (Dan shared)!

I too like the written word. I like to write notes to family and friends. I even have stationary that says "HennHouse" and has five little chickens on it. Goofy. I know.

Anonymous said...

Oh there is absolutly nothing like going to the post box and finding an old fashioned snail mail something that isn't a bill or mundane boring yucky something!

Oh to find a handmade item even better!

I LOVE this recycled wedding page envelope- how clever is that? Love that idea. did it mail well then? Just wondering.

Very cool idea. May have to steal that idea one of these days- repurposing is the way to a better future. THINK GREEN!


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