DIY: Martha Stewart Paper Flowers Bouquet

Had to share my DIY bouquet bonanza, as it turned out entirely too well to keep it to myself!

A few weeks back, D. and I found ourselves meandering through Wal-Mart. I don't recall exactly why we were there, but, in true fashion, I went for the craft section and found a great Martha Stewart paper flower bouquet kit for $9.99. It makes 24 flowers, so I figured...what the heck and bought it, considering it as a possibility to play some role in the wedding.

Alas, putting all of the flowers together simply took entirely too long for me to consider doing this for, say, every table at the reception, but I now have a beautiful bunch of flowers that will cheer up my (getting there) home office!

I think these would be a super gift for anyone...they are great for the office, since they don't require any maintenance and look fantastic. They'd be great for allergy sufferers, those in hospital or your sweetheart (hint, hint..Valentine's Day is just around the corner!) For those DIY-challenged folks, there are very easy instructions to follow ;)


hennhouse said...


The flowers are beautiful!!

Eve said...

I know, can you believe it! Martha Stewart has a huge line of great wedding-related products at Wal-Mart -- lots of decorations and other paper things. Perhaps she moved her line to Wal-Mart when K-Mart was struggling? Hard to say, but a pleasant surprise!

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